022. Ken Follett is one of my favorite authors.
021. I’m a Harry Potter AND a Twilight fan. Deal with it.

020. I’m completely mad about period pieces.
019. I’m currently reading 3 books at the same time, and have 15 more to read before summer ends…
018. My first OTPs were Elizabeth/Will from Pirates of the Caribbean, and Sydney/Vaughn from Alias.
017. I visited several countries like Dominican Republic, 4 states of the USA, Tunisia, Greece, Crete, Corfu… I’d love to travel more.
016. Two years ago, I’ve been more than 50 times to Disneyland Resort Paris thanks to my passport. I won a free passport this year too, so… Disney here I come !
015. My favorite actresses are Keira Knightley, Katie McGrath, Natalie Dormer and Amber Heard.
014. I’ve been addicted to FarmVille and to Facebook.
013. I’m too sensitive.
012. One month ago, I was in Paris meeting some of the Harry Potter cast members. It will always be one of the best days of my life ever…
011. I was born on December 10, 1992.
010. I’m so angry at fan pages on facebook, so many of them post graphics from tumblr without credits… I just want to yell at them “Fuck you, that’s not even yours !”.
009. This fall, I will go to the university to study English. I’d like to become a translator.
008. I don’t need a lot a friends, I just need a few good friends who will always be there for me. Being popular has never been one of my goals in life.
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